Skylark Ecological is an environmental consulting company that serves clients from the Pacific Coast and far Arctic, across the mountains, boreal forest and parkland to the southern prairies.

We serve both the public and private sectors in industries including oil and gas, forestry, mining, wind and hydroelectricity, pipeline and transmission line construction, and research and environmental monitoring.

Our founders are two keenly observant wildlife ecologists, with 30 years’ combined experience in western Canadian ecosystems, who specialize in working remotely, using the safest methods possible to gather high-quality data. We collaborate with a network of environmental consulting companies, government agencies and NGOs, gathering accurate ecological field data and recommending innovative mitigation strategies for the management of natural resources.

Our specialties include:

  • Breeding bird surveys (BBS)
  • Nest sweeps for Migratory Birds Convention Act (MBCA) compliance
  • Species-at-risk (SAR) wildlife surveys
  • Mammal tracking
  • Ungulate, waterfowl, & nesting raptor aerial surveys
  • Breeding amphibian surveys and relocation
  • Acoustic songbird recording and interpretation
  • Wildlife camera trapping
  • Ecosite classification and vegetation inventory

Please contact Skylark Ecological for high-quality data, sound recommendations, and efficient collaboration.